South West North West Women’s Task Force Engage Rural Women Leaders on Challenges in Peacebuilding

The notion of armed conflict, then peace building was brought home to women in the North West and South West Regions with the recent ‘Anglophone Crisis’. For over four years women leaders have been involved in conflict management in their various communities, seeking ways to reduce violence, encourage community engagement in development activities as well as end violent con conflict. It is within this backdrop that the South West and North West Women’s Task Force organized a focus group discussion to engage women leaders on the meaning of peace and the challenges they faced in working in their communities.

According to Nancy Bolima, the Focus Group Lead, the discussions are intended to help SNWOT to understand the needs of rural women actors in peace building. This will enable them design appropriate modules that will effectively equip them with skills to continue the work they are doing on the ground.

According to the participants, the focus group discussion which comprised of women sharing their experiences with the group greatly opened them up to new strategies and approaches in engaging actors on the field. Some of the challenges which women faced such as insecurity and threats on their lives were addressed where some benefitted knowledge on some communication approaches for individual protection.  

This project which is funded by the Canadian Embassy in Cameroon is a continuation of SNWOT’s efforts to contribute to peace building while ensuring that women leaders understand and appropriate the Women Peace and Security Agenda in Cameroon. It is expected that more of such engagements will be organized in the future to address the issues raised by rural women leaders.

Focus Group Participants

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