My Encounter with King Tshwane of Present day Pretoria

After going through the outskirts of Pretoria, we got to the centre city where the statue of Andries Pretorius on his conquering horse was quite visible at the entrance to the city hall. My attention however was quite quickly caught by this other statue quite far back, but very visibly of an African male. I was intrigued and wanted to go closer and find out more. As always, my thirst for everything African consumed me as I ran ahead until I got to the statue where I paused and looked on in amazement.

This guy was completely amazing to me. I was told he was King Tshwane of the Tshwanas. As an African woman you can imagine what went through my mind. I said the first thing that came out. Maybe you were thinking it after seeing this picture but what I said was – this guy could marry twenty women easily.  Just like our so many Chiefs and Fons back home, but this guy was really worth it. Just look at the thighs of this man, the muscle and sinew; I mean who could not picture him in such a traditional milieu. His aura, his stance all spoke of a man who knew what he was about and who had the strength to go around. So traditional of me and someone would probably say a typically brainwashed female, but I do know that some men do have the capacity to have many wives, just as some women also have the capacity to keep the company of many men.

Looking at King Tshwane, I wondered what it would have been like however, if so many of his descendants had not been killed during the period of the apartheid. If they had been allowed to live their lives uninterrupted by foreign technology and ways of being, what would his generations look like today? He looks so ferocious, a conqueror and yet for hundreds of years, we have learnt nothing of such leaders in our African history. When I compare the rich knowledge that exists in Ethiopia of their ancestors and the archives that have been carefully preserved over centuries, I weep for the rest of Africa and every piece of land that was ever conquered, raped and rejected.

I so love Africa and I’m going to explore all the hidden knowledge that has ever existed and I’ll be sharing that with you all.


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